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another dragon egg by artissima another dragon egg by artissima
Apo205beta2+ plus Liz Tomchek's dragon-egg script

edit: 9. Juli 2007

FlameParameters - if you like, copy between lines

(shown Gradient not included) (only this: [link])

<flame name="070217-6" version="Apophysis 2.06 beta" size="555 555" center="-0.0250586257496311 0.0740437297059012" scale="61.5782453333502" angle="-1.5707963267949" rotate="90.0000000000002" zoom="0.946418959795156" oversample="1" filter="0.5" quality="50" background="0 0 0" brightness="15" gamma="2" >
<xform weight="0.7109375" color="0" waves="0.1875" blur="0.40078125" rectangles="0.390625" coefs="0.211072724712722 0.403407236968633 -0.604968860301597 -0.00245610375714023 0.613638143331627 0.0928306067944504" rectangles_x="1" rectangles_y="1" />
<xform weight="0.5" color="0.7890625" linear="0.408014176598954" spherical="0.2109375" waves="0.1875" rectangles="0.390625" coefs="-0.514605434296101 -0.205235842307619 -0.30857277842949 -0.476996462309472 0.329257068132785 0.237241401563255" rectangles_x="1" rectangles_y="1" />
<xform weight="0.140625" color="0.421875" linear="0.9150326031031" spherical="0.10546875" coefs="0.2428204375 0.2560258125 -0.2560258125 0.2428204375 -0.350241046875 0.063236109375" />
<finalxform color="0" symmetry="1" spherical="1" coefs="1 0 0 1 0 0" />
<;palette count="256" format="RGB">
210E063A1004400D03460B035108035E08026B09 02770804
88030A8D020D9201119201129202148C02148702 15830214
8001146F010F68010E62010D5702094F01064801 04420102
2F05052B0606280808220C0B230E102810133112 173C151C
4A141B69181A7216187B15178D1615A00F17AD0B 1BB40E1E
AD1117A614159F17148E201A793223684233544C 3E41513C
2E53391B5536145833115336164C332341312F38 2F403329
5A2F235A30235A322359332657362E573A335935 344D3233
452A2B3B1F28361D243C1A21441C22501F225C1B 29631532
69143C731A437D28468B34498F384B8C3250882D 4D832B46
822C3982302C812B247D241C771B176E1111660B 0E60070A
590606550704520902530E035811055E1506621A 0B691B16
6C1C247419337B153D7D153D80113C7F0E3C800B 4385054F
8903538B03519302499902429F0742A50F46A618 4CA72150
A8244FA9294BAA2D49A9364AAA414CAC474DAA4B 4CAC4949
AA4949A84947A646449B4540973C3A9136348731 2C7E2723
6D231E57161F511F1D4B281B493117473A13493B 144B3C16
574F216452297256327C473A8639438937438C35 448C3343
8D3243831F3E7E1C347A192A721D1F6B21156820 12662010
662010632211612512592B1751321C5037214F3C 264F492B
51592E3973323182402A914E27A14F24B2511EB5 4D18B849
10A34C0D994A0B8F480A843D0A7A320B71330C69 340F5A3C
0D584A116E55126A5814665C15636417606D1C63 6A216668
3E574C4D49465D3B406F323F822A3E8D283D9827 3DA92B3E
B63349B52D64B62B69B72A6EBA2B6DBD2C6DBD2C 6EBA256E
B51C68BA1761C0125BC00B54C1054EBF0449BE04 45BC043C
B90336A706289A07208D09188907148605107F04 0B760406
6005055B0506570507540907520E0848210B4236 0E444714
4A4615544212554710564D0F57490F5945106034 0C60200A
5008004404003801003300002F00002800022500 03220104
2302042702042802032A02032D02042F02042E03 04280206
1A02081605071308071108080F08090F090A1007 0B150B08

lol - lets hope the smiley translates back into commas

pls link back here/credit, if you use parameters for own tweaks.
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Addicted2fractals Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007
That is literally one of the most beauteous and intriguing fractal renders i've seen from Apo. It looks like it was made in 3Dmax or similar program.

I can't see myself copying that mess of a script file you posted though. Sorry. A shame really. I'd love to have it.
artissima Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007

does this [link] help?
Addicted2fractals Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007
Indeed it does! :)
Thank you!
phoenixkeyblack Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How do you get these parameters into Apophysis, I tried to get some parameters out, as per Cabin Tom's instructions, but it wouldn't work for me....I think he just writes too fast...:D
artissima Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007
Hi! Thanks for your interest :-)

In order to get parameter-sets in and out of Apo, you need to mouseclick on Apo's main-window/workspace and just Ctrl+c (copy) or Ctrl+v (paste).

Copy only the stuff between the lines (above)

[perhaps also make sure not to copy any empty lines (? *shrug*) ]

phoenixkeyblack Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you... worked like a charm.:D
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February 28, 2007
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